Evolution & Ecology

An Integrated Life Sciences Group at UGA

Evolutionary biologists and ecologists attempt to explain both the unity and diversity of life. We explore the processes that drive evolutionary change within populations, and the evolutionary, ecological, and behavioral patterns that result from these processes.
At the University of Georgia, we have faculty with research interests in both pattern and process. Some explore selective and demographic forces, including environmental, intraspecific, and interspecific interactions. Other faculty focus on the changes in genes and genomes of the interacting partners that respond to these selective and demographic forces.
There are over 50 faculty in the area of Evolution and Ecology who are part of the ILS program at UGA. Because we are so diverse, we have three subgroups to make it easier to find faculty with whom you share research interests. Click on each subgroup for more information and profiles of the faculty in each area. We strongly suggest that you communicate with faculty with whom you share a research interest.

Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics

Evolutionary and Population Ecology

Animal Behavior